Union Organizing

Tenants in Los Angeles have achieved some of their best success, recently, by applying a labor organizing strategy to the struggle for affordable housing. Through a combination of collective bargaining and legal advocacy, supported by a broad base of community organizations and driven by the tenants themselves, tenants facing steep rent increases throughout Los Angeles County have successfully resisted displacement and negotiated long-term contracts to stay in their homes. The mariachis and their neighbors at 1815 E. 2nd St. in Boyle Heights just won a long-term, collectively-bargained contract by sticking together, refusing to negotiate other than through their tenants’ union, and committing themselves to the struggle to achieve a collective goal. LACCLA was proud to be a part of the effort, along with our wonderful partners Union de Vecinos, the Los Angeles Tenants Union and others. This win will be a model for other tenants throughout Los Angeles in the future.

Read news coverage of the win at 1815 E. 2nd St.

About Us

The Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action (“LACCLA”) is a community-based organization in Los Angeles, California. Our team organizes buildings and neighborhoods in Los Angeles County and beyond to push back against the displacement of low-income residents from their communities. We also provide free legal services where necessary in support of our organizing campaigns. We seek to create an environment where lawyers, organizers, and members of the public collaborate on coherent strategies to sustain healthy, affordable, and united neighborhoods.

Our Mission

LACCLA aims to combat exploitative and discriminatory economic practices and prevent the displacement of low-income residents from their neighborhoods. Our mission is to support the members of our community through legal and collective action as they exercise their existing social, economic, and political power.